Spirit of Accusation

What is the Spirit of Accusation:

Spirit of Accusation is an evil entity on assignment to accuse us against God, ourselves and other.

The original sin did not occur with Adam & Eve but with Lucifer accusing God. (Ezekiel 28:14-17)

Merriam-Webster defines Accusation as a charge of wrongdoing, imputation of guilt or blame.

It is a counterfeit of conviction. Conviction is from the Holy Spirit, once you obey it stops. Condemnation and accusation from the enemy never stops. The devil is the father of all lies.

Revelation 12:10

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, the power of His Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

God NEVER accuses. Anything that devalues another human is not ever from God. Our goal as believers is to edify the body of Christ not accuse or condemn it.

John 5:45

Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuses you, even Moses in who you trust.

James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

  • Number one problem of mankind
  • Ultimate goals are to eliminate people or create a breach of relationship
  • Spawns bitterness
  • Operates on the that God does not defend His children promise
  • Major force behind church splits
  • Persistent, confusing, plays like a broken record.
  • Using ‘always’ and ‘never’ are red flags for accusation
  • It comes out of our mouths very fast.
  • Wants us to think that we are right and everyone else is wrong

Accusation occurs in 3 areas

  1. Accusation against God
    • God won’t heal me
    • God doesn’t love me
    • Why won’t God…
    • If God loved me then I would be healed
  2. Accusation against others
    • You never do ….
    • You always do…
    • If you would just do what I think you should do then….
  3. Accusation against yourself (self-accusation)
    • Why do I always do that?
    • I am so stupid, what was I thinking?
    • I am just not as talented as …
    • We often express it as guilt & shame

Sources of Accusation

Accusation comes primarily through thoughts. Any thought that you have that doesn’t match the word of God is not from God.

There are 3 sources of thought:

  1. God to the Holy Spirit
  2. Yourself
  3. Others – other people, another kingdom

Accusation is always designed to cause separation. It NEVER involves integration or solidarity of thought.

Thoughts can stir up feelings and emotions.

The other kingdom cannot read your mind but they can tempt you using thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I Corinthians 2:11

For what man knows the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knows no man, but the Spirit of God.

We are convinced most of the time just through accusing thoughts. We are convinced that God does not love us, that people do not like us or that we just don’t belong.

Discernment is important so that you can do an inventory of your own life without self- accusation.

There are several examples in the bible where God identifies the source of thought from an outside dimension.

Genesis 3:11

And He said, Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded you that you should not eat?

Mark 8:33

But when He had turned about and looked on His disciples, He rebuked Peter, saying, Get you behind Me, Satan: for you savor not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men.

Luke 9:55

But He turned, and rebuked them, and said, You know not what manner of spirit you are of.

God does not tempt us with evil thoughts but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed, it brings for sin and death. What you think about or meditate on you shall become. (James 1:13-15)

Characteristics of the Spirit of Accusation and Accusing Spirits

Accusation against Others or when Others accuse us.

  1. It says “You will never amount to anything”
  2. It says, “You are bad” “You can’t ever do anything right”
  3. Causes people to be suspicious of others
  4. Projects fear
  5. Constantly analyzing others motives towards us
  6. Believing the worst about someone or something
  7. Easily offended without cause
  8. Exaggerating the offenses of others to make ourselves feel better
  9. Narrow in on the evil and exclude all the good (use always & never)
  10. Refuses to fellowship with a person even after repentance and change of ways
  11. Holds you to the past, must pay forever
  12. We impose our own standards on others/legalism and uses the Word as a weapon to control
  13. Religion/denominationalism
  14. Gossiping
  15. Judges others based on misunderstandings/misinformation (greatest foundation misunderstanding = someone just didn’t understand)
  16. Judges others for sin issues that we have while we excuse ourselves
  17. Becoming someone else’s Holy Spirit
  18. Using others as a scapegoat to avoid detection, observation, passing the buck.
  19. Tearing down others to make ourselves look good
  20. Bringing up another’s past, skeletons out of closet
  21. Touching God’s anointed (David and Saul example)

Accusation against God

  1. If God loved me then He would have healed me
  2. God healed so and so but didn’t heal me
  3. God just doesn’t care about me or I wouldn’t be sick/broke, etc
  4. It is possible that you feel as if God is mad at you because you could never measure up.

Accusation against Self

  1. Looking to others for approval
  2. Fabricated personalities in order to meet an invisible expectation
  3. Performing for family/religious models
  4. Guilt and shame, not accepting God’s forgiveness
  5. Demands we act perfect all the time
  6. Self-pity – feel sorry for yourself

How to live Free from the Spirit of Accusation

Realize that another human is not your enemy. Our enemies are principalities, powers and rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness. (Ephesians 6:12)

  1. Look deeply in your own heart first. Ask yourself if there is any truth in the accusation? Go to God.
  2. If true, repent
  3. If not true, forgive them. God is your defender.
    • To defend yourself against an accuser or slanderer, you cannot prove yourself innocent without first accusing the accuser.
  4. Avoid Gossip
    • Habitually reveals person or sensational facts about others.
    • Comments about another behind a person’s back.
    • To receive gossip is to be part of it
    • Negative information about a person, not uplifting
    • Accusing another
    • Information is generally second-hand
  5. Avoid Slander
    • Accusations spread that is injurious to a person’s name or reputation, character assassination, defamation of character
    • Act of smearing someone
    • Information that colors people’s perceptions

If you can’t say anything good then don’t say anything at all. Jesus didn’t say anything when He was accused.

Matthew 27:12

And when He was accused of the chief priests and elders, He answered nothing.

Psalm 59 is an excellent set of scriptures to memorize.

If you have any questions about the spirit of accusation, please contact me.

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